Catastrophe Haiku Challenge!

For all three regular readers of this blog (and yes, I’m counting myself), I’ve decided to revive my Olde Tyme classroom haiku tradition. I used to offer this for extra credit to my students in the big “Organizational Sociology” and “Money and Society” lecture courses I taught at Brown University. I can no longer offer extra credit as an incentive for participation, but I hope my esteem will be a decent substitute.

To get things started, I offer my own modest entry, which attempts to boil the current economic crisis into 17 syllables:

No credit–no loans.

No loans means no capital.

No capitalism.


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3 responses to “Catastrophe Haiku Challenge!

  1. I’ve seized on your challenge, and posted my effort here

  2. ZT

    When Wall Street defaults,
    Since its workers wear nice suits,
    Bailouts come quickly.

    Those who make autos,
    Have greasy hands, soiled brows,
    Sorry, No Suits, No help.

  3. Tim McCarty

    Your fourth regular reader offers the little known rhyming haiku on the subject…

    Your money tuck in,

    Watch America begin,

    To die not from sin.

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